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Much poetry of mine is prose poem in style. Because of the lack of an apparent cadence and often lack of end line rhyming, it has a structure and form for the eye with which gives the reader an opportunity give his own cadence in the breaks as he moves from line to line. This leads into a rhythm, hence the reader creates his music for the song. This cooperation between artist and reader makes the prose become a touch of poesy; perhaps this is a touch mutual creativity. It is another dimension, perhaps fourth but maybe the Fifth Dimension of Choice (from Maxwell, Einstein and Kaluza circa 1921)! In any case, it is somewhat fashioned on one of e. e. cummings styles; as in "in Just-". hh


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Erato: Some Poesy:

       he shuffled along
                    bent over
            Erato passed him by
                    rustic music of Pan
                    played in his ear
                while he searched

            dust bins for his daily


                        while i noticed him
                            did this
                a glance surreptitious
                            noted me
                        but he did see me
                    ignored me
            i guess people like me
                don't matter much
                        i did find myself
                            that year

                    when you and I     

                    frolicked the sandy                    

beaches south of Tofino

                aaah yes ...





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