Farid ud-Din Attar (1120? - 1220?)

One day God spoke to Moses and said:
'Visit Satan, question him, use your head.'
So Moses descended to Hell's burning halls;
Satan saw him coming, a smile did he install
On his fiery face. Moses proudly asked him
For advice, waiting for Satan's crafty whim;
Satan spoke through his coal-black teeth:
'Remember this rule which sense bequeaths
Never say "I" so that you become like me.'
So long as you live for yourself you'll be
A drum booming pride a cymbal of infidelity.
Vanity, resentment, envy and anger shall be cemented
Into your inner state; you shall be like a demented
Dog with lolling tongue, infected with indolence of sin.
You shall become your own tracked prisoner within.

(Remember, in Christian Myth,  Satan's sin was refusing to give obeisance to man--no bootlick he!  But the Christian Bible lists Pride as a Deadly Sin (which is arrogance to many), and so the Religists (neologism of hh) painted Satan with innumerable physical and character foibles--now tell me who is the arrogant one, ok? [:-)


Kobayashi Issa (1763-1827)


Trusting the Buddha (Amida), good and bad,
I bid farewell
To the departing year.





Great God looked down saw

bee buzzing his red flowers

turtle sees his world




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